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Commercial Heating/Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance customized for your companies needs—All PM programs are customized to your facilities needs and budgets, for monthly, quarterly, Tri-Yearly, Bi-yearly, or Yearly.

A PM program increases longevity of mechanical equipment and decreases equipment failures. Keep your business running comfortably , and the clean air will be a benefit.

Restaurants PM’s cover the HVAC and refrigeration systems, reach-ins and walk-ins and don’t forget cleaning the ice machines every 3 months, ICE is food! (mold and algae is not).

Talk with us today about your business—We can tailor fit a program just for your equipment.


We can customize a Preventative Maintenance Program to fit your budget. Maintenance would be preformed on roof top HVAC units, furnaces and heat pumps. We would replace air filters, clean evaporator and condenser coils, check program, date and time on all thermostat (including set back programs). We will check refrigerant charge, check belts, grease bearings, check all electrical and disconnects and so much more. We can also do you swamp cooler start up and shut down. Simply changing your air filters regularly can have a huge savings in the energy, which saves you money !


GRIME and DIRT Don't Pay

Preventive Maintenance Programs - Keep

Equipment Running Efficiently!

Preferred will clean the coils, change out air filters, program set back thermostats, check refrigerant charges, leak check, and check electrical connections. Swamp cooler startup and shut down.



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